Fire Balls 

The Game

«Fire Balls» is very similar to a real slot machine: 5 paylines are used and you bet 1 coin per line.

How to Play

First, you should select the coin denomination (5c, 25c, 50c, 1 or 5), and then set up the number of payline using “+” and “-” buttons in “Lines” field.

To start the game with a preset bet, click “Spin”.

To start the game with maximum bet (1 coin per each of 5 lines), click «Bet Max».

To start the game with the bet made in previous round, click “Last Bet”. If the “Autostart” mode is on, the game automatically starts with the bet of previous round.

To win, you should get the winning combinations on the active lines. The win is paid out according to the “Paytable” which is placed in the upper part of the screen.

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