Jungle Wild 

The Game

Jungle Adventure is a game similar to a real slot machine 9 paylines and you can bet from 1 up to 10 coins on each line. If you get several winning combinations on one payline, the highest will win.

The main difference of Jungle Adventure from other similar games is an opportunity to get two bonus games and win four JackPots!

How to Play

First, you choose the coin denomination (1c, 5c, 25c or 1) using arrow “Denomination” field. You may choose up to 9 paylines using arrows in “Lines” field. To change the size of bet, use arrows of “Bet per Line” field.

Once the bet has been made, click “Spin” to start the game. To make a maximum bet (90 coins), click ‘Bet Max’.

To start the game with the bet made in previous round, click “Spin”. If the “Autoplay” mode is on, the game automatically starts with the bet of previous round.

When the reels stop, you may see whether there are or there no the winning combinations. If you get one, the amount corresponding to this combination will be paid according to the Payout table. Please click «Paytable» button to see it.

If there are several winning combinations on a payline, you will be paid the highest one.

Free Spin Bonus

If you get three or more "Free Spin Bonus Game" icons in succession on the payline, the bonus game will start. You will be offered additional round with the previous round bet.

The round starts and the reels will spin. You should to stop them clicking on the reel. You may stop reels in any way.

The winnings will be determined according to the rules of the main game after the reels have stopped.

“Free Spin Bonus Game” icon can replace any other icon you need to win in this bonus game.

Progressive Jackpot Adventure Bonus

The bonus game will start if you get three or more “Free Spin Bonus Game” icons in succession on the payline.

Bonus consists of four rounds. In each round, you may win one of four Progressive Jackpots.

In each round, you should guess under which of thirty flowers the frog hides. If you guess, you will proceed to the next bonus level or Progressive Jackpot.

Click on the flower and win:

  • Money prize;
  • "Frog" that lead you to the next game round with Jackpot. If you reach the last, forth level of the game, you may win the great Adventure Party Jackpot!
  • "Collect" - the end of the game. If you get this icon, the game will over and you get all winnings and Jackpot of the previous game round!

The number of frogs on the game filed depends on your bet. The higher the bet, the greater the number of frogs and chance to win the prize!

If you made the maximum bet (10 coins on each payline), you win the first round of the game for sure. The number of coins in the flowers depends on you bet as well.

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